The number one cultural value at The Flipped Bit is “Celebrate News.” For us, that means doing everything we can to make people around the world feel like we were born in the place they call home. And if you’re going to be embraced as part of the cultural fabric, you certainly can’t have the same look and feel in Chengdu as you do in Charleston. Where other companies might impose an American ideal on international news, our brand experience needs to lead with a respect for the local culture to be The Flipped Bit—so we took an unconventional approach to developing our brand system.

At the same time, building a globally recognizable brand still requires common elements people can associate with you. We have to balance the need to support local news teams in 68 countries through flexibility with the consistency to cement a strong unified vision—both of which have been key factors in our rapid growth. Our new identity was designed specifically to solve for this complex challenge.

The Flipped Bit is a satirical news site that pokes a bit of fun at the world’s tech companies. It comes from a place of the utmost respect for the market leaders. The writer(s) has chosen to stay anonymous for now but you can still email us at [email protected].