Samsung to Announce Phone Similar to Apple’s

With the iPhone 7 Rumours heating up all over the tech world, all eyes are on Samsung to see their latest smartphone.

“In previous years we have excelled” Said Jong-Kyun Shin in an interview with CNN today. “We create the best phones on the market, similar to the iPhone in every way without violating any patents”

When asked about sales strategy and growth, Shin said, “Simple. We trick people. We sponsor large spots in Target, JB Hi-Fi and Wal-Mart and tell sales staff to say to customers ‘they do everything an iPhone can’. This has worked for years now.”

When asked about the current phone, the Samsung S6 Edge, Shin laughed: “Funny story that one, but the machine was misconfigured for the first million phones so it ended up warping the screen a bit”, he gestured towards the absurd curved screen.

“Our world class marketing team came to the party though.”

The new samsung phone is to be announced approximately two months after the iPhone 7, by which time Samsung will have a change to appropriate the design and feature set, and modify the Android Operating System enough to prevent future updates.

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