Fitbit to Track More Stats

Fitbit LLC announced today that in addition to steps, heart rate, calories, sleep and water intake, they will now capture data about what is most important to their users: telling others they have a Fitbit.

Fitbit CEO, James Park, announced at a company press conference today, “The latest update to Fitbit software now tracks casual mentions, passive aggressive syncing, and obvious checking of statistics in front of others”.


The announcement has been well received by Fitbit owners. User Katie Smith of Twitter said “This is great news for FitBit! #Fitbit #fitfam #fitspo #vegan #cleaneating #paleo”.


Fitbit plans to follow up these announcements later in 2016, with new products such as Fitbit for pets, and a cross promotion with other big brands such as Lululemon, CrossFit Gyms and Pinkberry.

“We think these new features will be loved by all customers”, Park concluded his announcement with, whilst subtly shaking his wrist back and forth by his side.

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