More Details Leak on Tesla’s Model 3

Surprising details have emerged about the eagerly anticipated Model 3 electric car from Tesla Motors ahead of its unveiling. A well positioned source at the Fremont, California-based manufacturer has given the The Flipped Bit an insider’s view on exactly what Tesla is counting on in their upcoming mass market sedan to drive demand, and how CEO Elon Musk played a crucial role in many of the engineering decisions.

Weighing particularly on the 6’2″ entrepreneur, Avenger, and South African billionaire’s wonderful mind these days are safety, climate change, and making life multi-planetary.

On the topic of safety, “It’s steel framed,” explained our source. “And if jet fuel can’t melt steel beams, what hope do lithium batteries have? At least for spreading outside the car. If you’re driving alongside a Model 3, you have nothing to worry about from battery fires, which will never happen, but if they do, nothing to worry about. The autopilot would just automatically steer to the road shoulder and wait it out. And the onboard software pings HQ to let us know the vehicle’s on fire and we’ll automatically call to arrange a service visit within 6 weeks.”

“And it’s waterproof too down to 200 metres. Elon’s really mindful of climate change and anticipates an increased amount of coastal flooding in the next decade, and we realised a natural advantage of electric cars over internal combustion motors is they don’t need air. So it’ll be submarine capable, but you would need to buy the $7k propellor kit. But it’s worth it, because it really makes the bubble dome shine. And it drops the total cost of ownership because you avoid having to buy your own aquarium. You just have to drive the family to the beach.”

“Elon also was concerned with avoiding double spend on R&D for a Mars rover, so we went past water tightness and made it airtight. Which is great, because it means smog can’t get in. Viruses can’t get in. Oxygen can’t get in, which only improves the fire safety. We could have pushed the range past 300 miles, but figured by that point you’ll be wanting to stop for a breathing break anyway.”

“And that air tightness means it’ll work in a partial vacuum like a Hyperloop tunnel. I can’t give too much away there, but it’s really great seeing Elon’s grand vision starting to coalesce across all these projects.”

Pre-orders on the Model 3 are $1000 USD, and retail prices are expected to start at $35000 USD, ranging up to $60000 for the fully-wheeled model.


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