Microsoft Announces “Linux”

Big news today out of the Microsoft //build/ conference hosted in San Francisco as Microsoft announces a feature called “Linux” for their users.

“Linux” brings with it several new features for Windows developers such as package management, reasonable file structure and the introduction of something called “Open source software”.

Mike Davidson tweeted from the press release saying he is “really interested to see this apt-get thing Microsoft have created”. Another tweet by Joe Butcher attempted to explain the implementation of Linux, “I think it’s based on LINQ?”

Gizmodo reporter Darren Orf wrote “Linux is great and all, but it’s never been available for the desktop before, so this is an exciting move forward”.

The news joins the release of Microsoft Hololens, a wearable Augment Reality device capable of changing what a user sees. Microsoft hinted at a marrying of the two technologies, suggesting they are well on their way to creating a productive and useful environment for developers by simulating the use of a Mac or Linux computer.

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