FBI Breaks into iPhone, Reveals Consultant

The Department of Justice publicly thanked security researcher and U2 frontman Bono today for his assistance in breaking into the iPhone at the heart of a dispute between the FBI and Apple. “He moved in mysterious ways, and helped us find what we were looking for”, explained spokeswoman Melanie Newman. “Pride (In The Name Of Love)”, she continued.


Apple had previously resisted the justice department and FBI, with Tim Cook publishing an open letter about the company “Not really being bothered” and “a bit busy with other stuff” to unlock the phone.


Bono, the screen name for Paul Hewson, was already known in Apple hacking circles for his 2014 upload of U2’s “Songs of Innocence” to every single iPhone on the planet without requiring any user input. Apple swiftly responded to that incident, issuing instructions to remove the distressing content.
The FBI and U2 are planning to release the details in a security white-paper in the coming weeks, but will be referred to as a (RED)paper.

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