Slack Introduces Productivity Mode

Slack Technologies, recently valued at $2.2B USD, announced today a new feature called “Productivity Mode”, following a scathing blog post by Samuel Hulick.

Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield announced the feature today at a press conference, stating that “Slack has revolutionised the way employees work around the world”.

“Sharing emojis, reacting with emojis, making your own emojis has never been the same”

“Creating and Sharing animated GIFs has also been completely revolutionised with our Giphy integrations” He said, demoing a gif from Giphy. However, the gif automatically selected didn’t quite match what he’d hoped.

“But now our customers are telling us they want more. They want to actually get some fucking work done.”

Butterfield went on to demo Productivity Mode. “This new mode disables slack support for Emoji, Giphys and even conversations. In fact, it even removes all instances of Slack from your system!”

A young reporter with a scarf and thick glasses shouted from the audience “So it just quits Slack?”  to which Butterfield responded “Uh, yeah.”
The feature is currently in Beta and users can now take advantage of the benefits. To try it out, simply press Command + Q from Slack.

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7 comments on “Slack Introduces Productivity Mode”

  1. Yaroslav says:

    Command + Q? What about windows users? Will beta be available to us?

    1. Not It says:


    2. Anonymous says:

      Windows equivalent is Ctrl+Q…

  2. Jeffreyeric says:

    I don’t know.. This new feature might be really hard to adopt. But, i’m glad there’s a quick-key for it!

  3. Consider how you use multiple windows or apps on a Mac or PC. There are a bunch of different workflows. Sometimes you re actively moving between two windows or apps, transferring data back and forth or reading in one while writing in another. Other times, you ve got a bunch of windows open, but you really are only focusing on one of them at a time.

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